The Oyster Cove Marina is situated in Little Oyster Cove, Kettering which is 34kms south of Hobart and in the centre of the best cruising area in Tasmania, the D’Entrecasteaux Channel.

The first European ship to discover “The Channel” was commanded by French navigator Bruni D’Entrecasteaux in 1792. His names were given to the large island (Bruny Island), and to the channel which separates it from the Tasmanian mainland. As the French did, modern mariners now treasure the many sheltered and naturally beautiful bays and coves the area has to offer.

Kettering is a picturesque fishing village and has long been recognised as a safe port by the commercial fishing fleet based there. It has now become the hub of recreational boating south of Hobart and the centre for one of the best cruising grounds Australia has to offer.  Below is a short video showing some aerial views of Little Oyster Cove, Kettering.

Oyster Cove Marina was established in 1983. Redevelopment of the marina commenced in 2008 and was substantially completed in 2011.  Details and updates of the marinas re-development progress can be found in the news section of this website.

The marina now comprises 240 floating pontoon berths, a slipway and associated facilities and extensive on-site services.  Extensive visitor berthing is available on the eastern-most arm of the marina.  You can view a short promo-video, showing the marina facilities, below.

Both videos were created from footage shot by Alan Robertson using his amazing high-flying drone.