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International Clean Marina Accreditation

Mar 11, 2017   //   by webadmin   //   General, News  //  Comments Off on International Clean Marina Accreditation

Oyster Cove Marina has been presented with International Clean Marina Level 3 Accreditation – the first marina in Tasmania to achieve this status.

The presentation was held amidst the iconic MyState Australian Wooden Boat Festival that took place on and around Hobart’s historic waterfront from 10-13th February 2017.

The International Clean Marinas environmental program is administered by the Marina Industries Association (MIA) and a Level 3 accreditation requires a solid commitment from participating marinas to environmental best practice. The rigorous process includes a site inspection assessed against a 103-point checklist. The site audit of key operational areas includes inspections of mechanical activities, boat maintenance and storage, fuelling, facility management, workshop, mechanical, shipwright and boat repair, emergency planning and equipment and boater education. A written report with detailed feedback is provided to the marina. Hobart-based Environmental Consultancy, Elgin Associates, was the auditor in the Oyster Cove Marina accreditation.

Oyster Cove Marina’s owner, Phil Boustead said “the achievement of Clean Marina accreditation was another important step in demonstrating Oyster Cove Marina’s commitment to environmental best practice. “As a multi-faceted marina facility it is essential all components are operating both individually and collectively at the highest level of performance. The Clean Marinas program provides us with specific criteria to assess the environmental performance of our marina operations and complements our environmental policies, plans and operations. We see an environmentally pristine Channel as the key to our future success and are committed to implementing business practices that ensure the long-term viability of the marine environment. We sincerely hope that other businesses that operate in the region, and the government, take a similar view.”

John Brand, Marina Manager said, “Oyster Cove is proud to be recognised as the first Clean Marina in Tasmania under the MIA program. Being able to fly the Clean Marina flag is an important signal that we are committed to high environmental standards and will further encourage us to continually improve our operations and environmental performance.”

MIA Director for Tasmania, James Burbury presented the marina with its flag and certificate and said, “This significant achievement is important for the marina industry as Oyster Cove now demonstrates environmental leadership to the wider marina community, not just in Tasmania. We now have 70 marinas across Australia and internationally committed to environmental best practice under this program. The challenge for industry remains to continually increase the number of marinas committed to achieving Clean Marinas status.”

Download our environmental policies here.

February 2015 Newsletter

Mar 12, 2015   //   by webadmin   //   News, Newsletters  //  No Comments

Our latest member newsletter is available.  Featured items include:

  • Marina Office and Chandlery re-location
  • Ken’s Place (the history live on)
  • Car parking
  • New fuel facilites (with bonus suggestion on reading instructions)
  • Doggy doo (how did that sneak in?)

Click here to view your copy (450Kb PDF).

Oyster Cove Marina – The Movie

Dec 18, 2013   //   by webadmin   //   General, News  //  No Comments

We’ve had a video-camera-equipped drone helicopter flying over the marina and have put together a short video.

New interpretive signage installed

Oct 18, 2012   //   by webadmin   //   General, News  //  No Comments

A series of interpretative signs have been installed along the pedestrian walkway at the western end of the marina. (Click images below for enlargement)

October 2011 Newsletter

Oct 27, 2011   //   by webadmin   //   News, Newsletters  //  No Comments

Our latest newsletter is now available.  Feature articles cover:

  • The Travelift (complete with guessing competition – When will it be ready to lift a vessel?)
  • Plans  for new amenities, offices and chandlery
  • The easterly attentuator
  • Where’s Tom?
  • Proposed layout for hardstand . . .  and more

Click here to download your copy (about 1.2Mbyte PDF file).

Marina Construction Update

Jan 21, 2010   //   by webadmin   //   News, Redevelopment  //  No Comments

Construction of the new marina is now well underway. Most of the dredging has been done and arms A, G, E and half of D have been completed. Arm F is next and we still expect to have the rest of the berths in place by mid year, 2010. The boats are moving in and it is wonderful to see the place transforming.
Attached below are a few photos of the construction so far. As they say a picture is worth a thousand words.





Demolition Begins

May 31, 2009   //   by webadmin   //   News, Redevelopment  //  No Comments

Demolition of the old jetty structure began with the removal of an area of the marina known by various titles: The Northern Marina, The Paris end, The Bronx and, very unkindly, the Graveyard.
This was an area of the marina on the wrong side of the slipway tracks where some of the cheaper berthing options were available. There will be some sadness as the old place slowly disappears. Here John, a long time resident and “Mayor” of the Bronx puts on a brave face as his berth vanishes behind him.

Tidemaster Wins Contract

Jan 7, 2009   //   by webadmin   //   News, Redevelopment  //  No Comments

Tidemaster Docking Systems has been awarded the contract to build the new 244 berth Oyster Cove Marina at Kettering, just 34km south of Hobart, Tasmania.

The agreement was set in place in November and with approvals already in place, construction will commence immediately and is scheduled to be completed by mid 2010.

Scenic Oyster Cove is known as the gateway to Bruny.

Jaco Coetzee, GM for Tidemaster Docking Systems, says “This sale represents not only a new era for Tidemaster, but a unique opportunity for Tasmanian boaties. The new marinas is set right in the heartland of some of the best cruising opportunities in the Island state, and combined with the state-of-the-art facility that we are manufacturing, I see a dramatic increase in the number of boats that will call Kettering home.”

GM, Jaco Coetzee believes the marina will open opportunity for a rise in boating.

Tidemaster has started construction of modules and expects to ship the first of the marina modules by Christmas.

Partnership for Marina Re-build

Jan 6, 2009   //   by webadmin   //   News, Redevelopment  //  No Comments

A partnership has been formed to undertake the rebuilding and expansion of the Oyster Cove Marina.
Garry Rogers, well known for his involvement in V8 Supercar racing and the car industry in Melbourne, has bought a share of the Marina from Phil & Anne Boustead. Phil & Anne have owned and managed the Marina since 1998. Garry’s positive outlook, energy and enthusiasm are very welcome and we are looking forward to the work starting in early 2009.




Marina Redevelopment Set To Start

Mar 3, 2008   //   by webadmin   //   News, Redevelopment  //  No Comments

After a lengthy process of consultation with all the key stakeholders, the proposal to expand and redevelop the marina was given planning approval by the Kingborough Council on the 12th of November.
The development proposal includes adding 80 Marina berths, associated dredging, expanded hardstand area including the installation of boat hoist, shedding and other associated works.
We are also planning to rebuild/replace the existing marina berths, seal the carparking areas and expand and improve the ablution facilities.
The masterplan is undergoing some final tweaking to ensure we are making the best use of our leased area and will be displayed here soon.
We expect to begin work early in 2008.
Reports on the marina expansion and other marina news will be posted here regularly.