MarinaPick©RichardBennett Aerial view of Oyster Cove Marina November 2010 View along one of the fingers of the Oyster Cove marina, Kettering Early morning reflectiosn on the water at Oyster Cove Marina, Kettering, Tasmania


We offer over 300 berths using state-of-the-art floating pontoons.

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Our recently expanded hardstand area is serviced by a 50-tonne capacity Marine Travelift.

There is space for 21 vessels plus three Maintenance Sheds. Two of the sheds are 18M long x 10M high and the other is 12M long and 8M high.

Yachts wishing to use the sheds must remove masts beforehand.

We have an innovative Keel-Pit to enable easier access for topsides painting or polishing.

There is a 350KG crane for mast lifts adjacent to the Travelift and a mast maintenance area.

Engine lifts can be accommodated.

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On-site Services

We have a wide range of trades and services onsite or nearby

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